Midsummer - the magic of herbs!

Midsummer is a holiday in the Bulgarian national calendar, which is celebrated on June 24 every year. It's the longest day of the year full of hope and faith in the good forces of nature. According to the people beliefs from that day the length of the day begins to decrease, and the year it's heading towards winter. Before taking its course, however, the sun stops to rest and yes said goodbye to the world he won't see for a whole year. On this date the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church celebrates the Nativity of St. John Baptist.

The days around Midsummer mark the middle of the year, when the sun reaches its zenith. It is believed that on the night before Midsummer the herbs have the most power. According to legends, then every herb yields healing power, every magic catches and every fortune-telling comes true. On Midsummer night and water has healing power. This is the most secret and mysterious night of the year.

Just at sunrise, everyone should turn to face the sun and over his shoulder to watch his shadow. Does she reflect whole, the person he will be healthy during the year, but if he is half-formed - he will be sick. The old ones Bulgarians remember the tales of their ancestors. They told them that whoever sees how The sun plays on the morning of the holiday, it will be healthy all year. The power of the heavenly light made the water healing, and the morning dew held magic. He who washed his eyes, or else rolled through the dew, was also waiting for health.

The magical power of herbs continues to fail ignores even today. Fortune-tellers and fortune-tellers go before sunrise to yes they pick the plants to make magic spells with them. Despite the legendary and magical nature of these traditions, many people continue to practice picking herbs on Midsummer morning.

The beauty of Midsummer lies in the Bulgarian spirit, which has persisted through the long centuries of development and turning points in history. Unperturbed by either time or reality, traditions persist their mystical beauty and will probably forever live on the wonderful lands of mother Bulgaria.