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Подаръчни кутии с чай | Oнлайн поръчка | Българска Чаена Компания


Чай Коледна Кутия | Българска Чаена Компания | Онлайн чай


Price 18.00лв.
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Organic Bouquet

Чай Био Букет | Българска Чаена Компания | Чай Онлайн

A selected selection of herbal ingredients from the most fragrant part of the mountain. Premium tea in biodegradable pyramids for your wonderful moments. A combination of aromatic and useful herbs, providing a real delight for the senses. Ingredients: thyme stalk, lemon balm leaves, oregano stalk, St. John's wort, strawberry fruit Net: 30g.

Price 7.90лв. per package
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"Moments in love" - gift box

Чай "Влюбени моменти" + чаша | Българска Чаена Компания

For a loved one! With love and warmth! A beautiful box with fragrant tea of Rose color and a luxurious Tea Moments Cup!

Price 18.00лв. per package
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"Magical Moments" Gift Box

Чай "Вълшебни Моменти" + чаша | Българска Чаена Компания

Gift box with tea in individual packets and tea cup. The perfect gift for the magical moments of your loved ones!

Price 15.00лв.
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Christmas box "TEA MOMENTS"

Чай Коледна кутия + чаша | Българска Чаена Компания

Festive Christmas box with Christmas tea and a beautiful glass Tea Moments.

Price 15.00лв. per package
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Green Tea Ginger and Lemon

Зелен Чай Джинджифил и Лимон | Българска Чаена Компания

Simultaneously energizing, soft and fresh tea with a perfect citrus note.

Price 3.50лв. per package
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