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GT Tea | Bulgarian Tea Company

We, Bulgarian Tea Company, believe that each of our products protects the reputation of a young and yet ambitious Bulgarian producer developing a variety of herbal, traditional and exotic teas.

Tea is pleasure, health, a lifestyle. Tea is mostly meant to carry the plants unique characteristics; and our aim therefore is to offer the real herbal substance, the one resulting in the very effect of the tea drink.

Tea is health from nature. For that reason we are dedicated to creating unique herbal combinations which will assist the human body under certain conditions. With the confidence of a team devoted to herbalism with a 16-year-long experience in herbs, we consciously obeyed the professionalism of the physicians advocating the harmless treatment through Phytotherapy and partnered with them to create the functional tea Phytolek.

Tea is pleasure – the pleasure of a hot drink taste and aroma. We chose to offer this pleasure by traditional Bulgarian herbs as well as tea plants from far Asia and Africa. We are doing this out of genuine desire to be affordable for as many tea lovers as possible.

We would like to thank our partners for their trust in us and also express our huge gratitude to our customers who got to love our products though we have been on the market for just a couple of years.

Tea Flavors

What do we offer?

The Bulgarian Tea Company offers herbal tea - mono teas and tea blends, classic black tea, green tea, pu-erh, rooibos, aroma tea blends, fruit tea as well as many tea recipes for connoisseurs.
Our popular tea series include:

  • Dining tea series "GT Premium", which shortly earned strong market positions. These are 25 tea flavors of aroma herbal teas and other tea varieties.
  • The functional tea series "Phytolek for health", which are special herbal blends for helping the human body overcome certain conditions.
  • "Tea Moments" selection, providing moments of pleasure and content for the tea-drink connosseurs. 
  • "Aleko" tea selection for those of you who love the traditional Bulgarian tea.
  • Special brands for retail chains, which Bulgarian Tea Company produces with optimal quality vs. price ratio.


Power of Herbs

The Power of Herbs

Power of HerbsHippocrates claimed that "medicine is the art to imitate the healing powers of nature" and by XIX century A.D. medicinal plants had been one of the main instruments for this purpose. An evidence for the important role, which plants had in medicine for thousands of years, were the special gardens dedicated to growing medicinal plants, maintained in Assyria.

By XIX century, the phytotherapy remained the main method of treatment in Western Europe, and medicinal plants were about the only source for obtaining drugs. In XIX century chemists started creating synthetic drugs, which, unfortunately, turned out to cause alergic reactions and have multiple contraindications.

The search for friendlier and softer medicines, which do not have these side effects, lead to a revival of the interest in phytotherapy in the late XX and early XXI century. Learn more from PhD Marian Ivanov's article, "Power of herbs".




| Bulgarian Tea Company supports the children of Bulgaria who suffer from diabetes

Bulgarian Tea Company supports the children and young people in Bulgaria, who suffer from diabetes. Charity concert for November 14 - the International Day Against Diabetes.